Entertainment in Second Life

When you go out, what type of musical entertainment do you prefer? It appears the three main types of musical entertainment in Second Life are DJs/Hosts, Live Performers and Tribute Bands. Each type gives you a different musical experience.

The most prevalent of these appears to be DJs/Hosts working in a club. DJs will also work private events such as weddings, private parties, etc. Ideally there will be a DJ and Host working during the set. The DJ supplies the music while the Host chats with the “VIPs” and promotes the DJ and the Club. They both work for tips (I have heard of a few clubs that offer a nominal hourly rate but these are far and few between). You can find most any type of music genre in the humdreds/thousands of clubs on the grid. There are blues, jazz, country, rock, oldies, ballrooms, punk, trance, techno just to name a few. Clubs can be private (owned by a family or group) or public. Clubs have VIP groups that you can join to be notified of special events and daily sets. They can also cater to a certain lifestyle such as adult, lesbian, gay, furry, etc. You can normally discover what type of club it is by doing a little Second Life searching and reading group profiles. There are numerous clubs in Second Life that hire DJs/Hosts a few of these are Ironhead Canyons, Leopard Lounge, Mountain Lion Club, Phat’s Jazzy Entertainment, Sanctuary of Rock.

Live Performers primarily work in a club setting. You can also hire them for private events such as weddings and private parties. Sometimes they are accompanied by a Host like DJs. A Live Performer is someone who sings/plays an instrument in real time using an avi in Second Life, occasionally you will find a live group. They get paid by the club and also get tips. There are some clubs that promote Live Performers exclusively but most clubs have a mix of DJs and Live Performers. A few of the exclusive venues are Club Zydeco, Live Vibrations and Seaside Lounge.
There are also Tribute Bands/Companies that perform concerts. A Tribute Band portrays one specfic group while a Tribute Company has a repitoire of groups they portray. The avis look like the members of the band and they use recorded music. There is a concert stage (provided by the band/company) and it feels like you are attending a concert. Tribute Bands are hired by clubs and also private groups. They are paid a fee by those that hire them and also get tips during the concert. Local chat is used during the concerts to keep the attendees engaged. The lyrics are posted in local chat and the performers chat with the audience. A few Tribute Bands are Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band, SLs Def Leppard/, Rolling Stones Live Tribute Band. While some Tribute Companies are Kickstart Inc Concerts, Maximum Overdrive Entertainment and Rebel Yell Concerts.

All these entertainers have their own VIP groups that you can join to keep informed of when/where they will be performing. The venues that hire them also have VIP groups and provide schedule information. Many of the performers and venues have Facebook pages that you can follow as well.

Whether you are enjoying a DJ/Host, Live Performer or Tribute Band/Company you will enjoy a quality performance. Some people prefer a certain type of entertainment while others enjoy the variety that SL has to offer. Either way, you should be able to find something that is just right for you.

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