How Important Is A Host To A Club?

How Important Is A Host To A Club?

This is an endlessly debated question and there seems to be two sides. One is they are a very important fixture at a club and contribute a great deal to a successful set. The other side is they are not important. It is the DJ plays the songs and the Host is just “there”. I feel they are important to the success of the club and the set.

One key thing Hosts are responsible for is greeting people who come to the club and engaging with them during the time they are there. This is normally done via local chat. They welcome and greet the patrons, ask how they are and in general make them feel welcome and appreciated. In my mind, I expect to be welcomed by the Host shortly upon landing at the club. I also expect to be engaged in chat. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy discussion just a bit more than Hi! especially is a canned gesture is used for the welcome.

I had heard from several friends that when they went to a certain well known, established club that they treated badly and would not go back. They said the Host did not welcome or acknowledge them. They also said she seemed to cater to a select group in front of the stage and their impression was that she ignored everyone else. I was curious how accurate this was and decided to visit this oldies club myself.

So one weekend night, I got all dressed up and went. This club has a landing point and it was very busy. So I was not welcomed when I landed, I was not surprised by this because there were other places I could be going to from the landing point, like the mall, so I may not have been going to the club). I made my way to the club, found a place to stand and started dancing. Not one was I acknowledged, no one said Hi to me, offered me a tag, etc. I was there about the minutes when my SL sister, Anca, IM’d me and asked to join me. I sent her a TP and a few seconds later she was there. She was greeted by a Club Manager. The Host never talked to her. It appeared what I had been told was accurate. Anca, my techy sister, pulled statistics comparing landings with greetings and did some math and came up with the following for a one hour period. Almost 62% of the people who landed were not welcomed at all. Only 17% were greeted by the Host and the remainder were greeted by the Manager. Pretty dismal results.

After thinking about the numbers, I decided a return trip was needed to see if this is status quo or not. After all this is a well established “popular” club. Anca kindly offered her services for the second trip and here is how the club fared the second time around with a different host. This visit within 2 minutes of landing i got welcomed from the Host, DJ, Manager and the Owner. In a one hour period, this Host’s miss rate was about 18%. She missed some people at landing, but saw her acknowledge them with a” how are you” or commenting on something they said when they got into the club.

So same club with the similar busy traffic but a different Host. Visit one put me off going back to this club and I would not recommend it to anyone. Visit two very different result with a positive experience. So is a Host important to a club? The debate continues.

Thanks Anca for the statistical help on this one!!

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