Need A FAST New Laptop Or PC For Your Second Life Without The HIGH Cost?

For the longest time I was using a Dell Computer that included only a dual core cpu, 4 gig of ram, and a on board video card. Eventually I upgraded the ram to 8 gigs, installed a low class Nvidia graphics card, a 600 watt power supply. After investing too much and maxing out the computer I decided to go with a Asus desktop that included a Intel I-5 processor, 8 Gig of ram but again had on board video that was down right horrid. It took well over 10 to 18 hours for me to render videos, Second Life ran slow, the graphics had to be set on LOW. Was a crap experience over all.

After spending over $400 upgrading the Dell, then spending $180 for a monitor for the Dell, then $400 on the Asus and another $250 on a monitor for the Asus, I just sunk over $1,230 of my own money. After doing a lot research, I finally found a solution. There is not many who can shell out $1,000 for a new PC or laptop and believe me I felt the pinch after I did, I knew there had to be a better way. How can I get a new computer and avoid these rent to own places that will charge me over 10 times what the computer is worth?

I came across MDG. They sell big discounts on laptops, desktops, TV’s, game consoles, tablets, furniture and more. I was a bit reluctant but figured what the heck. I applied, was approved for instant credit toward merchandise. The whole process was easy. I got to choose how much I wanted to pay each month and the date I wanted the money to come out of my account each month. At the time they had the Lenovo Ideacentre desktop available. I got a great deal! 28 inch built in monitor, 16 gig of DDR5 ram, a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 video card, a built in 128 gig SSD drive that boots Windows up in less than 5 seconds and built in Harmom Kardon surround sound with special / dolby digital sound.

MDG Consumer Financing

The system cost me $1,700 and they even shipped free to me within the same week after I placed the order. Checking Lenovo they were selling the same system for around the exact same price. Now the question most may be asking, how much am I having to pay for the $1,700 credit? With interest, my total cost over the lifetime of the payoff will cost me $300. My total pay to own this computer is $2,000. This same computer goes anywhere from $1,700 up to $2,300 based on were you decide to shop, however, I am able to pay what I can afford each month and if something goes wrong with the system, they will fix. Also, if your credit is less than perfect, that WILL NOT matter. They work with ANYONE. You can have a score of 500 and still get financed.

Money is tight for many and living on a budget would mean having to save for months or longer to invest in a new computer. I needed a FAST machine for coding, video production and glad I did. Now I am able to see Second Life in a whole new way with vivid and beautiful graphics. My videos now render in 2 hours or less compared to 10 to 18 hours on the Asus. Did I mention if you order merchandise at $1,500 or more they will give you a free 8 Gig Tablet running windows? Hey, free is free and I was not going to complain.

I’ve had several Second Life friends that had their computers go out. Because of my satisfaction with this company, I recommended with those friends. They each went with laptops and are very pleased. One was paying $300 a month at a rent to own for a slower laptop and now she is paying $65.00 a month for a more powerful machine.

I wanted to share my own personal experience with this company and my satisfaction. Also note, after you reach $500.00 toward credit in payments, meaning a portion of what you pay each month goes back as credit, that becomes available for your use again. Now you can use that credit to purchase other merchandise or just allow it to continue to build up. If you are need of a more powerful computer, and if your laptop or desktop has failed and the cost is higher than the computer is wroth in repairs, do check out MDG. Great for those on a budget and wants to AVOID rent to own centers.

Whomever you choose to go with, another retailer online or paying out right, I do recommend getting a computer with at least an I-5 CPU, a minimum of 4 GIG RAM, and dedicated video with at least 2 GIG RAM.

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